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Reformation Lightning

The First Skyrider (Book 2)

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“What if everyone’s wrong about dragons?” Cairn asked. He barely dared to voice the thought that had been drifting inside him. “What if dragons can be...trained?"

Farm-boy Cairn can hardly believe it when he is chosen to train as a rider for King Elior.

Far from home in the mountains, where dragons lurk and war threatens, Cairn discovers it takes more than he thinks to be a great rider of Callenlas.

Will he pass the trials? Or will his dreams disintegrate when his friend Arunae finally reveals her secret…?

Product Info

ISBN: 978-1-8381883-8-2

Ages: 9+ 

Trim: Paperback

Publication Date: November 2022

Selected Endorsements

"...Hess exhibits a care with words that is too rarely seen—her writing is simply beautiful."

Tama Fortner, ECPA award-winning and bestselling author

About the author

H.R. Hess is married to Stefan, and mum to three children. Having enjoyed many adventures from her armchair she decided to write her own. The First Skyrider is her second novel. 


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